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Re: The Firebirds- Light My Fire (1969)

Słodziutka okładka ....? Nic bardziej mylnego - The Firebirds to brytyjski zespół grający muzykę nie mającą nic wspólnego z amerykańskimi tripami. Co my tu mamy? Ciężkie garażowe brzmienie, mnóstwo sfuzowanych gitar i kupę brudu. Gorąco polecam !!!


Ohhh, these records are fucked up. Okay so, for you younger readers, back in the 60’s up through the early 80’s, there was this phenomenon of the bogus record label. Companies like K-Tel and Ronco in the US and Crown in the UK would traffic in cheap imitation pop music predicated on siphoning monies from grandparents and other squares. Often times it would say the band’s name on the cover (Beatles for example), but the music inside would be performed by session hacks with horrid production values. Sometimes it would be a complete has been singer fronting these same hacks. Far more rare, and most often producing unquestionable poo, was the ‘exploitation band’ (...)

And thus, The Firebirds, a completely anonymous British session band, released ‘Light My Fire‘. Now, the Doors hit of the same name doesn’t really show up on the album, although it’s main hook is alluded to in one song and even though one song is called ‘Light My Fire’ that isn’t the one!

Stylistically, Light My Fire doesn’t sound anything like Jim Dandy & The Knobs. In fact, the intended effect - a Hendrix Experience clone - ends up sounding like Jack Bruce of Cream fronting first LP Black Sabbath mocking the Experience!

It’s incredible in just how over the top it goes: The guitar is brutal taking on an almost ‘My War‘ era Greg Ginn (Black Flag) feel on the LP’s best track ‘No Tomorrows’. It just squeals with that tortured amp buzz, like Blue Cheer’s ‘Vincebus Eruptum’, but even dirtier, if you can believe that. If you’re a Tony Iommi freak, prepare to be surprised when you hear this guy pulling out the licks to ‘Paranoid’ two years before that song existed! The drummer is particularly entertaining in his ‘Fuck - A - Muthafuckin’ Mitch Mitchell’ approach. I think there may be one steady beat throughout the entire record. This guy is a fill machine it’s absurd! Plus, the record contains a three solo suite “Free Fuzz / Free Bass / Free Drums”. The highlight here is “Free Bass”(hahaha!) . The bassist isn’t really skilled enough to do a proper solo, and hearing him struggle through it is a Spinal Tap worthy moment. Like I said earlier, the singer has a Jack Bruce-ish quality, but then does himself no favors by employing Hendrix speak on ‘Gypsy Fire’. It must be heard to be believed!

Now, remember, this isn’t a real band - just some salary guys with guitars and no control over the end product. As such, the track ‘Warm Up’ is just not the same band. It may have a few of the same players, but it doesn’t even remotely approach the sound of the rest of the album. Why on Earth would they do that?

I’m glad I asked! You see, they needed to pad the record to bring it in at just lengthy enough to rate as a long player. Why not put another track by the same group on to do this? Well, why do that when you can split up their sessions and put out another record at the same time with an entirely different name? That’s right, dummy, enter: The 31 Flavors ‘Hair’.

So Crown Records puts out this ‘Hair’ LP that contains hideous, I mean hideous versions of ‘Hair’ (duh) and ‘Age of Aquarius (Let The Sunshine In)’ (probably by completely different musicians). If my Grammy bought this for my birthday, after being molested aurally by ‘Aquarius’, this would been art on my steam heater, man. Which would be a shame because following those sonic abortions is more Firebirds material. A few tracks (’Protest’ & ‘1,2,3,4') sound like they are from the year before heavy distortion arrived and rumble along in a garage punk manner - casually out of tune and sludged up. ‘Free Fuzz’ & ‘Free Drums’ reappear here. Wrapping things up is ‘Distortions of Darkness’, which is an instrumental version of ‘Light My Fire’s ‘Reflections II’ (and I imagine was probably called ‘Reflections I’ at some point) - only here it’s about twelve times as heavy and barbituated.

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Ankh pisze...

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adamus67 pisze...

Excellent psychedelic album, recorded completely anonymous by a session band,unknown musicians and released once the low-budget label for clear,that for untaxed profit. The LP contains a blend of guitar distortions and organ passages and generally it is almost rock-arche-type of that era! Okay so, for you younger readers, back in the 60’s up through the early 80’s, there was this phenomenon of the bogus record label. Companies like K-Tel and Ronco in the US and Crown in the UK would traffic in cheap imitation pop music predicated on siphoning monies from grandparents and other. Absolutely nothing is known about the band other than their albums have become highly sought-after for their over-the-top heavy psych-blues-rock mayhem that owes much to Hendrix, Iron Butterfly, & Blue Cheer's 'Vincebus Eruptum' (1968).

What is, so sweet hippie cover .... I also, familiar-sounding titles - 'Light My Fire' and 'Hair'. However, nothing could be more wrong - The Firebirds and its mutation - 31 Flavors - a British band playing music has nothing to do with American trip. What have we here? Heavy garage sound, a lot of fuzzing of guitars and pile of dirt. Probably is the same group that ,has realise 3 lp's with diferent name Group: The Firebirds - 'Light my Fire', 31 Flavors - ' Hair',Electric Firebirds - 'Dance Party Time'. (Also must tell that the the group name on cover is "The Firebirds", but at the vinyl labels is "The Fire Birds". The cover of the "Electric Firibirds" lp is the same as the cover of "Associated Soul Group"lp on Contessa Label!)

adamus67 pisze...

A rare reissue of the 1969 album, by The Firebirds, a blues-heavy psychedelic outfit similar to Blue Cheer and Iron Butterfly except with tunes! A thoroughly intriguing & engaging album that appeared on the Crown label (CST 589) in 1969. The album kicks off with a great instrumental version of "Light My Fire", by The Doors? Clearly, if, but in a bluesy version with a little fuzz (not butt) called Warm Up and kicking this very famous introduction to one of the most mysterious LP' primitive sounds,it should be noted that they are sessions created in 1968/69 and released recordings 1969. The power and technique fuzz, of Hendrix and then has a loose,re-occurring fire-related theme running through the album on tracks like "Warm Up" and "Gypsy Fire". While Hendrix distortions are reflected superbly on this record. Reflections plays them to perfection but more malicious tone that the band would exploit their tube amps. Clearly we see that our anonymous guitarist is the one carrying the baton in this band, voice and guitar at the same time as his idol Jimi certainly was. A low rate echoing and linking to the battery at the same time a few setbacks and impressive blows. The song reaches its climax when it explodes in true guitar solo and imposing a devastating rate changes and oil to the dying hippie community and feeding the resurgent wave of drug blinded and manipulated by impotence to do anything against the war in Vietnam.

The blues comes to our legendary band (as it should be) and is a bit overshadowed by the voice guitar aguardientosa sticking to other instruments but still not without a touch of rawness and that only one band correosidad butt drugs can have.

And speaking of drugs, clearly shows his influence in this band that has that touch of heaviness, sickness, mystery, dark and (for me) makes it one of the progenitors of the old but wise doom rock / Sound powerful and decadent before Black Sabbath. As classic blues everybody uses these magical power chords and blues make something easy to play, just a few rock bands I had discovered at that time, including Hendrix and Cream and the wave that followed them: Blue Cheer, Grand Funk, Iron Butterfly, Led Zeppelin, but only one exploded this distortion / fuzz: the Firebirds, "Gypsy Fire" is clearly inspired by Hendrix once again and give a perfect combination of power chords, fuzz, and those solos that only Jimi could do only a year before the debut album release of Black Sabbath. And I forgot the ''Free Bass'' is a demonstration of the skills of bassist but not impressive at all but hey, it's a good bassist and guitarist accordingly and recording drums that pull their own improvisations and solos. Are you more impressed! Some say that the Stooges' debut album was the heaviest of 1969, but I dethroned and give the crown to the Power Trio known as the heaviest album of 1969.

Overall an excellent album that is imposed at the height of greats like Black Sabbath and even the same Hendrix,or Blue Cheer. The rawness of the era is reflected in these recordings that were hidden for years in a basement and decadent devastating guitars screaming for some unjust cause, low very perfect and clean and to say the drummer, is an animal! I leave you to devour that song is nightmarish "No Tomorrows" certainly this album is one of all time, 'enigmas'.

Ankh pisze...

Dear @adamus67 - thank you very much for all your comments and musical intuition. Maybe you will be interested with colaboration to create the Savage Saints and write your own posts and reviews? What do you think about it?

adamus67 pisze...

Thanks for the nice gesture, I'm writing already on his blog and on several private portals,and as far as possibilities (read - free time) to toss your 3 cents to Your blog .. :)

I hope that our efforts in promoting the little-known albums is not in vain!,and allow them to survive consecutive years,and give them greater notoriety, more glory!

P.S. Ankh,Yep!... really doing a good job,mate!
good decision, that it did not limit access - privatization blog
keep it up ... big hugs!

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