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Metabolist ‎- Hansten Klork (1980)

Metabolist were a short-lived UK experimental group forming in January '77; consisting of Malcolm Lane (guitar, synth, vocals), Simon Millward (bass, vocals, synth) and Mark Rowlatt (drums, percussion), with Jacqueline Bailey dedicated to cover designs. Within the UK press their sound was roughly lumped alongside several other UK experimentalists, The Pop Group, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle & This Heat. While tied to many preconceived conceptions, "a poor mans This Heat" comes as a classic example; the group procured a different sound upon each release. Asides from British counterparts, the band also claimed influences from Can, Gong and Magma.

Early on, Metabolist came to the executive decision to steer clear of capital record labels, forming Drömm Records. Each member took an active responsibility in recording, mixing and editing; giving freedom to ideas, time, and money. Indicative of these procedures the bands sound is defined by a rougher edge. Unfortunately these independent actions have lead to restricted re-issue abilities, with original copies being sort after items.

In their short career Metabolist only release one full-length LP, with a scattering of 7" vinyls and cassettes on the side. "Hansten Klork" ['80] acts as their most complete recording. Their sound hones on the repetitive minimalism featured in Post-punk and Krautrock, with Tints in lo-fi Magma-esque passages sneaking there way in through pronounced bass lines.

Far from essential, Metabolist is recommended to persons interested in experimental [post-punk] influence groups, or anyone who loves the eccentricities of lo-fi experimentations. (progarchives)

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