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Oktava (1972)

About 1962 the city of Kaunas Carmelites lived in the area, the large family of Schwaben Luxembourg radio broke the Beatles' tunes. Most of this music is exposed to the two youngest members of the family - and devynmetis Virginijus Eimontas decade. Both of them attended school J.Naujalis violin class, and parents to purchase acoustic guitars, guys playing pretty quickly mastered the secrets of the new instruments. The first young guitarists concerts held in the courtyard next to the house and had a large interest in the street neighbors. These appearances are a brother and Virginijus Eimontas joined another young enthusiast - also played guitar, John Toleikis. Future Group has become the godfather of the local gang boss disreputable to offer Calling themselves "You." Her lover's neighbors used to call "our" You. "

"You" were invited to play weddings and other entertainment, but was soon understood that, really, trying to play bigbytą group is not enough acoustic guitars. The situation has to rescue Vidimantas Šváby older brother, his hands producing electric solo, rhythm and bass guitars. The first performances took place with the new instruments of Poland at the 1965 Pioneer summer camp, where vacations and "You." Since then joined the band and percussion played Valery relative. Native of Kaunas "You" heard about the year 1966, when after a few dance performances KPIs west (where "Kertukai enabled to play during breaks), the city has spread a rumor about a group of well-performing Beatles songs. Soon, the young talents interested maestro M. Eike and invited them to become its leading Variety Orchestra "Octave" rhythm group. And the active concert life. Slightly altered train (1967. Guitarist Toleikis by Julius J. Brazaitis played until 1971, when returning from a concert in Klaipeda group got in a car accident) "You" began to perform not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Yes, already in 1968, went on tour in East Germany, followed by visits to England, Hungary, Poland, Finland and even in Africa, the Republic of Congo. Performance during the "You" is one in a "octave" repertoire of performing The Beatles, The Rolling Stones songs, and his work. Of the latter, the Earth drone, striking his mother and father, "" Flower Song "," We will meet again. " One key event in the history of the group in 1972 with "Octave" entries on the basis of the same year was released on LP format album. In this way, "You" became the first Lithuanian rock band that has released records in the official Soviet publishing company. Another phenomenal record - that America in 1972 in New York recording studio Eurostone "released disc" Sailors roads and other songs ... ", which still sounded in 1970 by M. Tamošiūnas effort to come to America "Octave" and "You" notes. In 1973, the composition has changed again: drummer V. Relative (after one of his concerts "sušlubavo the heart) was replaced by Vladimir Teluchinas. The new composition of the "You" have tried to continue their activities, but due to various internal and external problems, even in the same year broke up. The former group of initiators of the brothers Šváby and continued musical activities, and played in various ensembles Lithuania. 1991 held in Moscow during the coup, they managed to emigrate to the United States, where they live and he plays so far. (source)

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Radosna sprawa, która wymaga od rockowego słuchacza wejścia w świat szczegółu i szczególiku, która pod przykrywką szansonowej polerki, błyszczących marynar i komunistycznych dansingów skrywa ciekawą gitarę, świadomość jazz-rocka, psychodelii i hard-rocka. Ujawnia to incydentalnie inteligentnie wprowadzając wywrotową myśl. To bunt w kształcie możliwym pod rządami dyktatury, jeśli chce się opuścić piwnicę i nie ryzykować kontaktu z Panami rozmawiającymi z ludźmi numerami paragrafów. Rozwichrzony włos pod warstwą brylantyny, gnat w jaskrawej marynarce i bluzg w słowach, które do końca niewypowiedziane. Asekuranckie, ale na swój sposób piękne. Kontynuowałem radosny wieczór z debiutem rumuńskiego Phoenix, z "Das Gewitter" Uve Schickora & Seine Gruppe i czechami z Umela Hmota II. To był pyszny czas



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Dziękujemy @Zwierzaku :)))

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