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The Magic Carpathians Project - Ethnocore (1999)

Pierwszy album Projektu Karpaty Magiczne z 1999 roku. Na bandcampie można teraz odsłuchać lub zakupić 11 utworów z tego bardzo interesującego wydawnictwa. Wszystkie wpływy zasilą budżet World Flag Records i wspomogą w istotny sposób nagranie nowej studyjnej płyty na początku 2014 roku.

For your listening pleasures we have just uploaded the full album – it is our first one, “ethnocore”, recorded and released in 1999 and since then long sold out and otherwise unavailable. You can listen to it online for free or download the whole for 5$ (single tracks are also availabe for downolad at 0.50$). Any proceedings go toward our new projects, we’re starting recording a new studio album in January 2014 so your financial support is highly appreciated and valued.

Carpathians Project has been active since 1998, established by Anna Nacher and Marek Styczyński (who previously had been a leader Theatre of Sound ATMAN). Influenced by musical traditions of Eastern and Central Europe (most notably the multicultural region of Carpathians mountains, spanning through Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia), free jazz, the philosophy of sound of classical Indian music and contemporary classic the duo creates compositions based on improvisation using plethora of traditional instruments from Asia, Europa and Australia. Prepared electric guitar, home-made analog electronics, field recordings made during their numerous travels around the world and bastardised radio waves add up to the distinct atmosphere of their music. Anna Nacher is also praised for her vocal technique – she has mastered various types of traditional styles of singing known as throat singing, developped through Central Asia and Eastern Europe. She regularly run voice trainings through a series of workshops (Poland, Greece, Germany, Slovenia).

The Magic Carpathians Project has released highly acclaimed albums on Obuh Records, Drunken Fish Records, Vivo Records, Requiem Records, Reverb Worship as well as on their self-managed label, World Flag Records. They are  present on many compilations released in the UK (compilation “New Music from Central and eastern Europe” released by The Wire), Sweden, the U.S, Italy, toured USA in 2001 and 2006 (playing at many clubs: from Knitting Factory, NYC through SXSW, Austin to Bottom of the Hill, SF as well as performing at legendary Terrastock Festival in 2006) and Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Central Europe). The cooperations include the split CD with the American group Cerberus Shoal released on Northeast Indie and recent album with guest appearance of Eric Arn (of Crystallized Movements and Primordial Undermind).

Listed in All Music Guide. Reviewed in Magnet, The Wire, Downbeat, San Francisco Weekly, Brainwashed.com, FakeJazz.com, Dream Magazine, Ptolemaic Terrascope, The Broken Face (Sweden), Skug (Austria), Rockerilla (Italy). Regularly played at leading free form radio stations across the world: WFMU, KFJC, WNUR , KSPC (in World Top 10 chart for April, the 10th, 2001), WCBN, WMBR, WXYC, KDVS, KZSU, Freies Radio Kassel (Germany), Radio Undo D’Orta (Italy), Radio Centraal (Belgium), Radio Ciutat Vella (Spain) Radio 100, Radio Caroline (the Netherlands), DeutschesRadio, Borderlines, Multi Kulti (Germany), Resonance FM (UK), Radio Akropolis (Czech Republic). (magiccarpathians)

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