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Richard Walley - Carda (1997)

Richard Walley - urodzony w 1953 roku w Meekatharra (Australia Zachodnia) muzyk, aktor, dramaturg, pisarz, malarz, reżyser teatralny i filmowy. Uważany jest obecnie za jednego z czołowych aborygeńskich artystów i pisarzy czynnie walczących o zachowanie kultury i tradycji rdzennych mieszkańców kontynentu australijskiego.
Richard Walley - musician, actor, playwright, writer, painter, dancer, theatre & film director.

Born In Meekatharra in 1953, Richard Walley is now one of Australia's leading Aboriginal performers and writers.

Richard grew up near Pinjarra, a small town 80 kms south of Perth in Western Australia During his youth, Pinjarra was one of the last bastions of the then-dying culture of the South Western Aboriginals, the Nyoongars.

Richard's concern for his people and their position in society saw him become more and more involved in Aboriginal affairs and politics, and he became increasingly aware of the potential of Aboriginal culture as a tool to give the Nyoongar people a sense of pride and identity. This awareness grew through the years as Richard 'learned' about his culture and moved more and more into the world of theatre and arts. He has continued to strive to take this culture to as many people as possible so that they too can appreciate its age and beauty.

On CARDA, the fifth and penultimate album in a series of six, Richard breaks away from the focus on the didgeridoo and introduces voice, chants, sticks and boomerangs to profile Nyoongar rhythms.

Two tracks in particular - 'Budjay Birdher' and 'Nyumbi Middar Nyumbi' - encapsulate the spirit that imbues the entire album.

This collection of recordings provides an intriguing indicator of how Aboriginal dance culture is as relevant now as it has been for thousands of years. Richard believes that this is the first album that demonstrates this form as a consistent theme over an entire album.

Richard Walley is currently involved in a Consultancy for Performing Arts and is also a lecturer at Edith Cowan University, lecturing on 'Aboriginal Perspectives in Literature and the Performing Arts'.

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