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Balcanes - Plataforma 7″ (2014)

Balcanes is a four-piece noise rock band with a menacing industrial grumble. Hailing from Leon, Spain, Plataforma is their debut release on Discos Humeantes after just a couple of nasty sounding demos.

Both sides of their new 7″ show a different side of the band, but both still create this all-engulfing black hole of doom induced noise rock. Opener “Plataforma” comes with a bruising rhythm and a constant wash of ravaging guitars. They’re heavily stressed and textured, sounding both melodic and psyched-out along with shrieking vocals. The B-side unfolds with a dark, primal drum beat, layered in a sea of dense and buzzing guitars. They continue to get louder and heavier, backed by evil screams and menacing beams of static. Start by listening below, then snag the 7″ before it’s too late! (styrofoamdrone)

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