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Groovy Pop Session (1971)

A classic compendium from the early era of French underground music, Groovy Pop Session captures a few cornerstone units in their infancy, with Ange delivering their typically wrenching Gallic spin on the early Genesis sound and Pulsar offering a glimpse of what their epic Floydian grandeur sounded like four years before hitting the studio with the same eponymously titled track. Other notable tracks include ones by Absinthe (no idea otherwise about 'em) who turn in a powerhouse bit of spooked and Leslie cabinet-filtered psychedelia and Tac Poum Systeme, who managed a few other singles in their lifetime and here churn out the quite odd "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love". which singlemindedly grinds though a relentless 10+ minute Delay '68-style psychic noogie over which is spattered recordings of symphonies, crowd hysteria, gurgling electronics, backwards tapes and guitar fireworks. (mutand-sounds)

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Savage, a jakieś inne linki będą dostępne, czy tylko z ogromną ilością spamu i wirusami??
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Nie przewiduje chwilowo ... To prawda - na mirrorcreatorze jest sporo spamu i pop-upów, ale o wirusach pierwsze słyszę. Wiem, bo sam czasem korzystam ... i nikt się nigdy nie skarżył na ten serwis. Takie są niestety uroki "buszowania" w sieci. Pozdrawiam.

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