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Anima Sound - Stürmischer Himmel (1971)

A weird and wonderful release on Germany's Ohr label back in 1971, Anima -Sound was the project of Paul and Limpe Fuchs. A married couple from the deep South of Germany, the pair utiized all manner of exotic instruments,and special effects to create a sound that remains unique.

German prog band. Sturmischer Himmel was on the Ohr label. Led by brothers Paul and Limpe Fuchs.

See Anima. I can not find a definitive reference on Anima and Anima sound. Audion #16 lists Sturmischer Himmel as a Paul and Limpe Fuchs/Anima release while Marquee's "Encyclopedia of German Rock" call's the album Anima Sound Sturmischer Himmel by Paul and Limpe Fuchs. I speculate the "Anima Sound" name was derived from this album though it was technically a Fuchs release. Later they became known as Anima and released the two albums listed under that name above. However, according to "The International Record and CD Price Guide, a book not entirely known for total accuracy, was a release by Anima called Anima Sound on the Melocord label. Perhaps it's just a reissue of one of the other albums? -- Mike Taylor

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The perfect album for those 'outsider' music compilations, simultaneously deranged and charming.

Great post.

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