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Daemon - The Entrance To Hell (1971)

Daemom crawled from the burning pits in 1970, dragging blackenedguitars across smouldering rock, smiling eerily as they ascended. On the seventh circle, in a flash of white, Daemon emerged. Guitars wailed. Angels wept. After much studio work Saemon attempting social acceptance, adopted the name "Bullet", later "Hard Stuff", releasing some singles & two LP's, the tracks on this releasewetre the first recorded by Daemon 1970/1971, all havebeen digitally remastered by John du Cann from original 1/4 master tapes. Only the orchestrator uses an acetate as a source. Daemon vanished mid-song on stage 1972. A sulpburous residue settled upon the bats of a gaping audience. Fire fell from the sky.... (CGR)

John Gustafson - bass
Paul Hammond - drums
John Du Cann - guitar
Al Shaw - percussion
Al Shaw, John Du Cann, John Gustafson - vocals

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