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Heratius ‎- Gwendolyne (1978)

Obscure 1970's French underground band from Montpellier, originally centered around Robert Diaz and Florence Leroy, with other members Armand Miralles and Kristof Temple joining from the band Eos. They debuted with a cassette release circa 1974(?) but are best-known for privately issued LP "Gwendolyne" published in 1978. As second (originally unpublished) album "Les Boniments" documents recordings from 1979. Heratius could be desciribed as like a mix of Etron Fou Leloublan and Faust (in acoustic mode that is), with hints of Albert Marcoeur, Red Noise, in a music that is full of invention with typically French eccentric touches. The Heratius album "Gwendolyne" was also much touted by Chris Cutler (of Henry Cow fame) at the time as the French Faust.                 

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