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Various Artist - Cracks In The Iron Curtain 3CD [bootleg]

This triple-feature is dedicated to the true heroes of the Beat-movement. Whereas in (nearly) all other parts of the globe, the major risk a member of a beat group would run in the 60s was getting his hair cut or getting beat up by some rednecks, behind the iron curtain, groups were often thrown in jail, their friends and families were heavily checked and oppressed by the Bureau of Investigation, records (if there was any) were sharply censored and banned from the radio, and their (mostly self built) equipment was confiscated and to get it back, the musicians had to pay high fines. Moreover, musicians were accused for high treason, illegal possession / import of Western products, and even for pornography (Marta Kubisova) All this may explain why many of our heroes (like Miki Volek, Karel Svoboda of Mefisto, and Petr Novak of George & the Beatovens, RIP) eventually couldn’t stand the oppression and committed suicide! Read more of their stories in the attached booklets. These new installments are kind of a companion to the outrageous Beat der Sozialisten-triple set, so there’s no overlaps to that series. Although most of the tracks were scanned from Youtube-clips, overall sound quality is surprisingly good (for a fine selection of videos by Beat and Psyche-groups from behind the Iron Curtain. I really hope you’ll enjoy the show, comments are much appreciated.

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