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VA - More Arctic Hysteria / Son of Arctic Hysteria: The Later Years of Early Finnish Avantgarde (2005)

...the later years of early Finnish avant-garde. Another incredible volume, following the inspiration and eye-opening 2001 CD Arktinen hysteria -- Suomi-avantgarden esipuutarhureita. Perfectly packaged document of more utterly obscure electronic mayhem and theatrical intoxication, presented as near-high-art. "Now covered are the 1970s and 1980s. 34 artists. Featuring a lavishly illustrated leaflet of 20 pages. Compiled by Jukka Lindfors. Featuring Jimi Tenor, Läjä Äijälä and early Mika Vainio (Pan sonic), The Sperm activists Mattijuhani Koponen and Pekka Airaksinen, Edward Vesala at his wildest, Kari Peitsamo, Kauko Röyhkä and Sleepy Sleepers at their most experimental and many other musical alchemists from Pekka Streng to Reinin Myrkky -- as a bonus some no-holds-barred sound experiments of Kaj Chydenius and M.A. Numminen from the '60s." (lovemusic)

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Szczęścia w 2015! A czy nie dałoby się tu zamieścić płyty "13 more protest songs" zespołu 39 colcs? W zamierzchłych czasach była tu już jedna ich płyta (ale nie ta)

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Far out.

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