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Homegas (1970)

Liner Notes:

Dear Peter & Rinda,

Last Thursday night 610 caught fire and a good portion, of the building was destroyed. We were sitting around, me & Dave, Robin (Cathy was at work) the Blausteins & another girl, when the lights upstairs went out and I suddenly smelled smoke. By the time I reached the back door to investigate, smoke was pouring out of the basement door. I ran in and called the fire dept. trembling, & in the middle of the call all the lights in the house went out. I stumbled into Cordelia’s room in the dark and found her still sound asleep in bed. Some how, using all of my strength I managed to carry her out the side door where David met me & helped me get her to safety.

We had no sooner flushed everyone out of the building when the kitchen burst into flames while we stood helplessly in the back yard. The fire spread very rapidly, probably only 7-10 minutes elapsed from the time we smelled smoke until the whole back of the house was in flames. We are glad in a way that you aren’t here because you’d be freaked out by the sight of 610 if you were.

The kitchen and back room (your favorite place, where the music of Greasy Green, Stoney Lonesome and Homegas was born) are charred pitch black & everything inside is in shambles. All the windows are broken out and the furniture is tattered and burnt, lying in battered heaps on the floor.

When I walked in the house in the daylight and could actually see the extent of the damage, I started crying (and you know me, I don’t cry easily), And I guess the notes for Homegas are gone.

Love to all,

Vocals: Peter Aceves, Dave Satterfield
Fiddle: Richard Blaustein
Guitar: Peter Aceves
Mandolin: Neil Rosenberg
Bass: John Hyslop
Hand Harps: Jim Barden, Dave Brock
Rack Harp: Peter Aceves
Banjo: Neil Rosenberg (”Die for a Dime”)

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