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Wilburn Burchette - Opens The Seven Gates Of Transcendental Consciousness (1972)

Very little is known of Wilburn Burchette; an internet search reveals zero biographical information. It is known he recorded and released at least seven albums from 1971 to 1977, including four self-released albums on the Burchette Brothers label, most of which are fairly psychedelic guitar ruminations, and many of which reference the occult. Later records were more meditative in nature and featured synthesizer. He also recorded as Master Wilburn Burchette. It is possible, or perhaps likely, that Wilburn Burchette's name was a pseudonym. 

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Pausts pisze...


the saucer people pisze...

Ah, I thought the name was familiar, I heard a track by him on the 'I Am The Center' compilation released by Light In The Attic a couple of years ago - but had no idea he had made all these albums!

Always interested in occultural electronica and this sounds really interesting - according to the blurb on the back of the album, he made his own instrument to record this album called the "impro guitar" (there are some good scans of the album, including a picture of Mr Burchette wielding his impro guitar and scans of the booklet that came with the album including some very cool paintings.

Thanks for this Pausts, good to know there is a reissue of this album around.

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