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Oregon - In Concert (1975)

Oregon's In Concert album may have been the one that forever distinguished them from their considerable lineage. Born out of the Paul Winter Consort, they always mixed European classical touches with jazz-flavored melodies. Featuring the classic lineup of Towner (guitar), Moore(Bass), McCandless(winds, but primarily oboe) and Walcott (tabla), this live concert shows Oregon at their very best. In Concert demonstrates that Oregon's vision far outstripped what others (and they themselves) had done in fusing these and other musics together. These elements are there in this performance, but so is a palpable energy that flows through each track. This is not new-age trance music or aural wallpaper (though Oregon can never be accused of producing either). It is deeply moving, heart-felt and at points, it really grooves. In particular, the moving Silence of a Candle and the dynamic Yet to Be, which closes the affair on a huge high note are standouts among the tracks. This live version stands as one of the best single performances by Oregon and it will continue to entertain and move for years. This is a tremendous CD. (amazon)

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