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Tenko - Slope. Gradual Disappearance (1987)

- Tenko / voice, drum, guitar
- Fred Frith / guitar, bass, piano, drum, violin
- Ned Rothenberg / Saxophone [Alto], flutr
- David Moss / vocals
- David Licht / Drums [Snare] -
- Zeena Parkins / harp [electric], accordion
- Wayne Horvitz / piano, synthesizer [Dx7, Dx100]
- Arto Lindsay / guitar

a small NY army of pioneering musicians summoned up under "commands" of TENKO, a japanese vocalist who started from traditional, art, japanese origins, to develope through amazing mouth-sound ideas & abilities... a semi-improvised, extreme, yet often familiar world of vocal acrobatics, sharp spoken dialogues, polyphonic antithesis, haunted lullabies, murmuring backgrounds, verbal or non verbal auras and beautiful conventional singing... encountered with 80`s noise experimentations and avant garde. TENKO had worked with impovisation projects & travelled wide with experimental vocal ensembles, so "Slope gradual disappearance" hasn`t been only an uncompromised avant -passionated debut(!) LP, but also a work of distilled knowledge and experience, rich in multicultural influences and global historical/mythological references. Don`t avoid a contact with Slope Gradual Disappearance...TENKO will carry you to vocal spaces that would have stayed, without her, empty, unfilled. (source)

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