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Futuro Antico - Live [unreleased]

FUTURO ANTICO was a short collaboration founded in Italy, between Walter Maioli and Riccardo Sinigaglia, plotted right after Maioli departed from the classic and artistic band AKTUALA. Apart from these two artists, three more musicians (from India and Africa) played or were invited, Gabin Dabiré being himself a titan of the instrumental experimentation and interpretation himself, Kala and Oiseau featuring as percussionists.

The three main artists are mostly experienced in different music attitudes and aptitudes, despite that their collaboration brings forth a few common musical interests (powerfully achieved) rather than combining diversity in a language of usual sense. Walter Maioli is the experienced multi-instrumentalist, with particular studies in music and its origins, acoustics and its archetypal or psychedelic motions, nature and its vivid sound richness - and so. Riccardo Sinigaglia is the electronic player, having experimented from operas to interferences for a long time. Gabin Dabiré finally adds his singing, percussive and traditional talents. The instrumentality evolves accordingly, from the oldest tricks of synthesizers and processers to the unique sets of ethnic natural instruments.

The band lived shortly mainly because of an insignificant label interest. Maioli produced only 350 copies of the original album and, ten years later, a re-release of 1000 more (an illegal bootleg of the material appearing from nowhere, in between). In comparison with AKTUALA, the second seems to be a winner of taste, concept and popularity.

FUTURO ANTICO left, nevertheless, a precious fruit of music, mainly based on a superior use of the expressions and the experimental values, plus focused on a subtle and mysterious essence, culminating mostly into the field of electronic, world music (having an artistic and ethnic connotation, not a simple ambient or visionary one), raga-like meditations and psychedelic sound aesthetic. Right to this day, their obscure "D'ai primitivi all'elettronica" can be considered an eclectic blend of composition, starting acoustic and technical, natural and cosmic, minimal yet exhaustive beliefs of expression, and persisting on electronic's space of music (though not entirely), world music's atmosphere and influence, sound-acoustic's savant exploration or, last but definitely not least, on the mused relation with feelings, culture(s) and conventionalisms being bent (the last one, of course, linked properly with avant-garde, but also with the new discoveries of music).

25 years after their project withstand, FUTURO ANTICO recorded a material titled "Intonazioni Archetipe", rich in the same brand that was artistically shaped in 1980.

(some notes taken from main or adapted biographical sources)

The following are three untitled tracks taken from a live show in the early 80s.

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