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VA - Burmese Folk and Traditional Music (1953)

The 16 tracks on this collection feature traditional music from the Southeast Asian nation of Burma, also known as Myanmar. Drums, cymbals, bells, and a harp are some of the instruments featured―as are the Western violin and guitar, with strings tuned differently. Liner notes explore the characteristic tempo and scale used in Burmese music, and provide notation and background on the songs. (folkways)

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Bodhi Amol pisze...

Hello,as a serious collector of Folkways Records i very much appreciate this and other Lp's you have been offering lately-this one i don't have ,neither in digital nor in physical form - Thanks very much!

Anonimowy pisze...

Thank you very much, i'd appreciate it, still i can't be happy about it not one bit sir, regarding some recent terrible news stating the death of more than 1000 man there in a random act of violence again the Muslims community in Burma, (public incineration, ... some real real bad footage i'll tell you) & it's something that happens every few years, the world seems ignoring this country's existence, let alone care about what happen its population, .. what a beautiful sad country. Thank you anyway for Sharing some of it's Music, peace.

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