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VA - Indian Music of the Upper Amazon (1954)

"The area designated by the vague term ‘Upper Amazon’ is actually incredibly extensive. The great Amazon system drains three million square miles of territory, or approximately half the South American continent. Some of its most remote tributaries, fed by melting glaciers in the Andes, originate less than eighty miles from the Pacific coast. Others extend upward into the highlands of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. This vast area, flanking the eastern slopes of the Andean chain, embraces a bewildering number of Indian tribes, an almost unbelievable number of unrelated languages, and a series of tropical forest cultures that range from exceedingly simple and primitive to highly sophisticated and complex..." (folkways)

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Pausts pisze...


beetor pisze...

Thank you. I always enjoy these.

Anonimowy pisze...

a few rare requests:

Roger troy - s/t 1976
David Parker - s/t 1971
Brian Short ‎– Anything For A Laugh 1971
Tom Bailey - s/t 1971
Michael Hasek With Sundog - The Radio Play 1978
Ben Atkins - Patchouli 1971
Alan Gerber - The Alan Gerber Album 1971
Mick Abrahams Band - At Last 1972
Mark Moogy Klingman - Moogy 1972
Millard And Dyce - S/t 1973
Marc Brierley - Hello 1969
Amory Kane - Just To Be There 1970
John Herald - Same 1973

the saucer people pisze...

Great to see this album posted here - Deeply psychedelic! Those Folkways people certainly knew their entheogenic shit as this and the Sabina sacred mushrooms albums attests.

Curiously, this was recorded at the same time Burroughs was down there looking for 'the ultimate kick' via Yage.

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