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Chimera (1969)

Chimera was a group that consisted of two females by the names Francesca Garnett, Lisa Bankoff, and numerous and somewhat famous musicians. Here is what the Tapestry of Delights says about them:

An obscure band whose "Peru," features distinctive high-pitched vocals somewhere between Fairport Convention and Trees. Amazingly they cut 20 tracks for the label yet had nothing released. An album's worth of material was compiled in the '80s for possible release but it too remains unissued. Tracks like Come Into The Garden, The Grail and Sad Song For Winter showcase Bankoff's delightful vocals augmented by some fine guitar and sometimes melodramatic piano and keyboard work. It would be great to see this released.

Bob Weston later played with Fleetwood Mac, Nick South (ex-Alexis Korner), went on to play with Elke Brookes and Roy Temro sadly died some time ago. Lisa Bankoff was the groups songwriter:- "The band was managed by Pink Floyd's Nick Mason, and both he and Rick Wright were featured on some of the tracks. eg. The Grail, The Game and possibly, I Met A Stranger Once. Even the Floyd's roadie Alan Styles played Sax on one track. The project fell to pieces mainly because I had a car accident shortly after the recordings were finished and couldn't walk for a couple of years. Our producer was called Mal Luker."

Reputedly, Cliff Wade and Danny Beckerman were involved in some way too, although this may be incorrect.

Lisa Bankoff now lives in Perth, W. Australia and still writes songs and plays "a little bit here and there". She and Francesca have recently written a book about their life in London during the late '60s / early '70s called "Making It! Famous Names and Silly Girls".

Lisa Bankoff - guitar (tracks 2,3,9) and vocals on all tracks
Francesca Garnett - vocals on all tracks except "Sad Song For Winter"
Mal Luker - guitar and keyboards on "Sad Song For Winter"
Bob Weston - guitar on tracks marked *
Nick South - bass on tracks marked *
Roy Temro - drums on "Mary's Mystery"
Nick Mason - drums on "The Grail"
Rick Wright - keyboards on "Lady With Bullets In Her Hair"
Ian Milne - keyboards on "The Grail"

The unreleased 1969 album by Chimera. Featuring future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston - was partly produced by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason who, like Rick Wright, makes a cameo appearance. First released a few years ago in vinyl-only release of 1000 numbered copies on 190gm audiophile vinyl, this first-ever CD issue adds an extra eight pre-album demos to provide the definitive Chimera anthology.

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