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13th Floor Elevators - A Love That's Sound (1968)

Dla mnie ta płyta to "najwyśmienitsze" kąski muzyczne The 13 Floor Elevators. Debiutancka płyta to oczywiście klasyka gatunku i nie ma się do czego przyczepić. Druga jest bardzo "heavy". Trzecia - to oficjalnie - płyta "Live", która faktycznie jest półbootlegiem (z dosyć fatalnym jakościowo materiałem). A ostatnia - "Bull Of The Woods" - to muzyczna wyżerka (chociaż bardzo krótka - trochę ponad 30 minut). Lecz tak na prawdę prezentowana "A Love That's Sound" - tzw. "lost" album" - winna być traktowana jako trzecia w dyskografii. Nagrania zremasterował i zremiksował z oryginalnych taśm w 2007r. producent zespołu Walt Andrus. Absolutnie godne rekomendacji !!!


Bull of the Woods (1969) was the 13th Floor Elevators' last album on which they worked as a group, and despite the near absence of both Roky Erickson (his appearance here marked by a mere four out of eleven songs) and Tommy Hall, it is noted for its moody, dreamy, and fuzzed-out psychedelic sound.

It featured not only the 1968 lineup of Roky Erickson, Stacy Sutherland, Tommy Hall, Danny Thomas, and Duke Davis, but Ronnie Leatherman on bass as well, who was brought back after the departure of Davis. It is an album that was largely the effort of guitarist Stacy Sutherland, carrying the weight of the song writing credits (five tracks, co-writing a further four with Tommy Hall). Originally begun as a project commenced shortly after the completion of Easter Everywhere, tentatively entitled Beauty and the Beast and later A Love That's Sound, it wasn't released until 1969 as Bull of the Woods, by which time the group had effectively disbanded.

In 2009, the album was released with bonus tracks as part of the "Sign of the 3-Eyed Men" box set. The set also included a reconstruction of the "lost" third album, A Love That's Sound, which consisted of mostly previously unreleased tracks, and early versions of songs later included on Bull of the Woods. (wikipedia)

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