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Heliotropes - III & Ribbons (2010/2011)

Bardzo młody zespół z zespół z Brooklynu. Niby nic szczególnego, ale to tzw. girl-band. Ale to jeszcze nic. To girls-band grający całkiem niezłego stoner rocka. Bardzo nietypowego, ... psychodelicznego z elementami folku i ballad. Wydaje mi się, że dziewczęta nie nagrały jeszcze żadnej płyty. Prezentowane 2 single przedstawiają odmienne oblicza zespołu i to bardzo dobrze, że jest taka różnorodność. Na pewno nie omieszkam śledzić kariery tego zespołu.

Heliotropes is a Brooklyn based all-girl band that also works with a few collaborators from time to time. They play some heavy psych with some doom/stoner undertones. Combined with the clean deadpan vocals you get a very understated, trance-like concoction that ends up being quite addicting. There's less freak outs and solos than you'd expect and it gets a little "poppy" at times but they balance it with atmosphere and great songwriting, and the heaviness becomes a result of the cumulative effect of all the elements rather than being blatantly beaten into each song.

It's like walking a long time with while carrying some extra weight, it's far from back-breaking but you don't realize how heavy it really was until it's done. The music is definitely not a burden however and I find myself wanting to hear more than the 19 minutes of material they have on their bandcamp page. Their debut "III" is available for free download as well as their new 7" Ribbons, but you have the option to pay whatever you'd like for Ribbons which I urge you to do. The 7" is definitely heavier than III but they're both pretty enjoyable.

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