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From garage rock to punk rock - evolution of guitar fuzz: Introduction


Promoting some brain stretching this summer, we're going out with online lecture about evolution of 60's garage rock into 70's punk rock! Why? We need to set the record straight for our own reasons - it'll help us fill the gaps in a book, we're working on, which focuses on history of 60's guitar music from surf rock to late psychedelia. This lecture will be divided into short posts with mandatory video clips!

It's gonna be available in Polish as well, but this time we decided to divide both language versions!

* * *
Our history starts in small town of Tacoma near Seattle (The Northwestern United States), where local rock'n'roll band The Wailers discovers an obscure r'n'b smasher Louie, Louie by Richard Berry and decides to cover it around late 1960. They've been just joined by a new vocal talent - Rockin' Robin Roberts, who gave their music a warm kick. Their version of Louie, Louie introduces simple chord progression to the mix: I-IV / V-IV, which changes the track of 60's music.

The track has been issued in the beginning of 1961 on their own label - Etiquette Records, which follows with their second LP, At The Castle (1961). Louie, Louie becomes first known garage rocker in the history and gains great popularity in Tacoma and Seattle area!

Richard Berry (1957)

Rockin' Robin Roberts and The Wailers (1961)

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