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The Pentangle - The Lost Broadcasts (1968-1972)

Bert Jansch - acoustic guitar, vocals
John Renbourn - guitars, sitar, vocals
Jacqui Mc Shee - vocals
Danny Thomson - double bass
Terry Cox - drums, percussion, glockenspiel, vocals

As I was saying in my other review about the BBC sessions, The Pentangle made frequent BBC appearances from 68 to 72 and this Hux record release numbers them up to 40 in just four years, although some are not documented well to say the least. This double Cd does not pretend to have all of them or even having access to the original tapes of these sessions, because most recordings of these are simply lost or have been taped over (this was fairly frequent back then).

Generally I rave about BBC materials that have been released over the years as they are generally of much interest and of good sound quality. If the interest part of this particular release is still evident (although there is a previous release existing that includes some of the tracks here), the sound quality is sometimes really not worthy of an official release, no matter the risk of bootlegging or the fans being desperate for them. Unlike most Hux release (I insist on this "Unlike"), this album is really of poor quality for a big percentage although there is nothing really shameful either. Just the fact of buying this double album for the full price may seem a bit harsh compared to the usual expectations one has grown accustomed to with Hux or its predecessor.

From the 40 sessions itemized in this booklet, a good deal of them is not included even in part, because the tapes are non-existent, some are duplicate/repeat broadcasts, some were patchy and the band not in full stride, but there are some real interesting tracks selections that the group played regularly live but never presented anywhere on record before: from my estimation there are about ten tracks never available including three of the first five tracks and another four in the next seven on the first disc.

However even for the fan I am, I found that this release was a little too shoddy, and a stricter selection to bring down the content to only one disc might have been a good idea, especially if, like me, you own the other BBC sessions that were not quite perfect either. For confirmed fans only. --- Sean Trane

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