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Ron Pates Debonaires - Raundelunas Pataphysical Revue (1975)

A document of a single evening in the university town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 1975, at the Second Raudelunas Exposition. Dominating proceedings is Fred Lane, towering alter ego of flautist and whirlygig sculptor Tim Reed, who comperes with a series of hilarious lateral jokes and weird monologues. His cover versions of "Volare" and "My Kind Of Town" backed by Ron 'Pate's Debonairs - a hot, swinging, meandering big band - set new standards as melody gives way to controlled, impassioned and deeply humorous improvisation. This monumental work also features Anne LeBaron's superb "Concerto For Active Frogs"; Mitchell Cashion's charming setting of Julius Caesar's "The Chief Divisions Of The Peoples Of Gaul"; Industrial noise from The Captains Of Industry; and wild Improv combo The Blue Denim Deals Without The Arms. No other record has ever come as close to realising Alfred Jarry's desire "to make the soul monstrous" - or even had the vision or invention to try. It's all over the place. The sleeve notes describe it as "the best thing ever" - time has not damaged this audacious claim.
  • Ron 'Pate- Trombone
  • Rev. Fred Lane- MC, Star, Vocalist, Comic
  • Abdul "Ben" Camel- Bass
  • Omar Bagh-dad-a- Piano
  • Cyd Cherise- Guitar, Alto 'Pataphone
  • Don "Pretty Boy" Smith- Trumpet
  • Dick Foote- Oboe, Musette, Tenor Sax
  • Bob "Cheapskate" Cashion- Trombone
  • "Bill" The Kid Dap- Drums
  • Johnny Fent-Lister- Alto Sax
  • Nips "Napes" Newton- Harp, Percussion
Steve (Stapleton) was fascinated by this, especially where at one moment it sounds like the musicians are sawing the stage to.

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slovenlyeric pisze...

Thank you. I heard a later record from these guys "From the one that cut you" It was on Shimmy-disc and it was a strange and wonderful experience.

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