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The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around - Compilation (1977)

Wiosenna energia naszła mnie na przypomnienie początków punk rocka. Przez kilka następnych postów będę Was nękał tym zapomnianym brzmieniem. Na początek - The Zeros - grupa z tak zwanego nurtu "short living". Okazuje się, że nie tylko New York Dolls - wylansowani przez sprytnego McLarena - grali muzykę, którą poruszała ówczesną "nudę". Posłuchajcie - warto !

The Zeros are an American punk rock band, formed in 1976 in Chula Vista, California. The band were originally composed of Javier Escovedo (younger brother of Alejandro Escovedo, older brother of Mario Escovedo of The Dragons) on vocals/guitar and Robert Lopez (later known as El Vez) on guitar, who were both attending Chula Vista High School; Hector Penalosa, (bass), and Baba Chenelle, (drums), who attended Sweetwater High School.

In 1977, The Zeros played their first major gig in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater. Opening the show was the first performance by The Germs, followed by The Zeros and then The Weirdos. The gig was promoted by Peter Case of The Nerves who later served as the frontman of The Breakaways and The Plimsouls. The Zeros' first single release, "Wimp" b/w "Don't Push Me Around" was released in 1977 on Bomp! Records.

In 1978, Penalosa left the band briefly to live and play in Los Angeles, and was replaced by Guy Lopez, Robert Lopez's brother. Soon after, Robert left to live in Los Angeles as well and his brother quit the Zeros. Penalosa rejoined the band and they continued as a trio, and eventually relocated to San Francisco. In March 1979, the UK music magazine, NME, reported that "punk riots had come to the U.S., when Los Angeles police broke up a Zeros' gig at Elks Hall." In 1980, the band recorded a new single, including the songs "They Say That (Everything's Alright)," "Girl on the Block" and "Getting Nowhere Fast." After more touring that led to Austin, Texas and New York, the band fizzled out.

The band is infamous for playing an entire set consisting of 8 replays of "Beat Your Heart Out" in San Francisco.

More recently, the Zeros reunited to tour in Spain in early 2007. All four members reunited again for a short West Coast tour that began in San Diego in June 2009. In October 2010, the Zeros embarked on a short U.S. tour of the East Coast.

Cover versions of songs by The Zeros were released by The Hoodoo Gurus (Wimp), Los Angeles' bands, Wednesday Week ("They Say That Everything's Alright") and The Muffs ("Beat Your Heart Out").

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Anonimowy pisze...

Nareszcie jakiś fajny zespól. Ostatnio zaczęliście już trochę zamulać. Brakowało dobrych punkowych zespołów na stronie. Trzymajcie się.

Anonimowy pisze...

It's a little bit forgotten, isn't it. Great time

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