Naythen Wilson - This is a Death Dream (2012)

Naythen Wilson is from Augusta, Maine. A spontaneous and hyper-prolific musician, his eclectic and compulsive approach has been evident on over 70 solo albums and in countless bands. This album is a tribute to another extremely prolific and spontaneous artist, the legendary Jandek. 

Previous attempts to cover Jandek material have often avoided the characteristic dissonance of the originals, setting the lyrics amid more conventional song forms. Naythen however retains the songs' obtuse contours, while subtly rendering them more 'musical'. Many of the covers are surprisingly faithful recreations. Others take the source material in a different direction, while staying true to the Jandek style.

All the material covered here predates Jandek's recent live performances, and is drawn albums from 1978's Ready for the House to 2001's Worthless Recluse. It's a diverse selection - the ghostly blues of Naked in the Afternoon and Down in a Mirror, the free-rock racket of Ace of Diamonds, the vocal drones of Om, and the whimsical Janky.

The album is released with the permission of Corwood Industries. We believe that it's the first Jandek-related release on cassette format. Includes a download code for the full album plus the 17-minute bonus track, Worthless Recluse. (fortevilfruit)

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