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Pink Fairies - Live At The Roadhouse 1975 & Previously Unreleased (1991)

Like long hair man - as the man said. From the mystic swirls of time, or the 60s, to put it another way, came the Fairies, who begat the Pink Fairies and many happy hours of psychedelic bliss. To get the chronology right, the 'Live At The Roundhouse' album first came out on Big Beat in 1982, but was originally recorded at the famous engine shed in July 1975. Then in 1978 drummer Twink cut a 12" E.P. with some friends, which came out on Chiswick Records and produced the wonderfully mixed genre "Psychedelic Punkeroo". Finally a re-formed Pink Fairies came out with 'Previously Unreleased' in '84.They're all here, Larry Wallis, Duncan 'Sandy' Sanderson, Paul Rudolph, Russell Hunter, Twink and even half a song from Mick Farren. I always thought "Uncle Harry's Last Freakout" just about summed it up, but then 15 years of the summers of love and it's all back with us. Good gear. (Ace Records)

A compilation of various Pink Fairies releases from the mid- to late '70s, Live at the Roundhouse/Previously Unreleased/Do It is rather frustrating. The glorious ferocity of the original Live at the Roundhouse LP is preserved here in its entirety, but it remains inexplicable why more songs from the Roundhouse gig (which reunited all five past members of the Fairies) were not included, since Pink Fairies concerts were legendary for their excessive length. Instead, the short Roundhouse album is padded with Previously Unreleased, a fairly poor scam in every sense of the word. For one thing, Previously Unreleased is really a collection of solo material recorded by Fairies guitarist Larry Wallis, rather than, as its title implies, newly uncovered Fairies outtake's. For another, it's utterly tedious, despite the presence of Fairies bassist Duncan Sanderson and legendary rock writer Mick Farren (who served as co-writer, much as he did in the Fairies' early days). As yet another bonus, the CD adds Twink's 1978 solo EP, Do It (With the Fairies), and much like Wallis' solo work, the music here is mediocre (Twink's reworking of the Fairies' classic "Do It," for instance, is superfluous at best). --- Victor W. Valdivia

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