Woodstock Workband - Armed And Dangerous (1978)

Jerry Moore - vocal, guitar
Naga Udcoff - percussion
Lincoln Schliffer, Don Moorer - bass, vocal
Robin Strugeon, Gil Silva - guitar, vocal
Pepi Pabon - drums
David Waldo - keyboards, trumpet
Chris Sigwald - drums
Collin Tihoon - sax
John Pratt - trumpet
Graham "Monk" Blacburn - sax

Beginning: Of The Jerry Moore Work Band -

We - The Children Of GOD Band - finally disbanded. Gil went and played w/ Donnie Hathaway for awhile, then he and Donald went on a world tour playing for Harry Belafonte.

Eddie became the lead singer for Dreams (Steve Cropper (Otis Redding's Producer arranger - Stax Volt)- the Brecker Brothers -basically the guys frm Blood Sweat And Tears)

Pratt (John) Went south liked playing the Sam & Dave horn sections and reviews -

Chris went and lived in the Islands for awhile - Munc and I stayed in Woodstock.

I started playing single gigs again - Folk and Blues. One night I was playing at the Espresso (Cafe Espresso) in town (Woodstock) and best as I can remember after my first set Marc Mazur who was new to WDSTCK asked me if he could sit-in w/me on guitar.

Greg was hanging out - If I remember he went and got his bass and an amp so we jammed. I would always let people sit in and play w/ me.

After the gig we all ended up at the Bear Cafe in Bearsville (Albert Grossman - Bob Dylan , Janis Joplin, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Todd Rundgren, The Band, Paul Butterfield's Manager) had opened it.

We were hanging out at the bar and Marc and Greg wanted to get together and rehearse - we had really sounded good - A lot of times when people are jammin I would have to change things on the fly so it would at least sound like we knew what we were doing - but it really meshed w/ Marc and Greg there was a natural flow - like they had me down - I went and they were right there w/ me.

If I remember right Richtie came up to us he was new in town also - said he was a drummer and would love to jam w/ us.

I didn't really want to get back into a band thing. But what the heck. We got together went over some tunes. It gel-led - people in town loved it .

So now the name thing - I told the guys I wasn't looking to get back into the whole music industry thing - recording deals etc. And we all agreed we were gonna be a gig band a Work Band so wa-la the Jerry Moore WorkBand.

Munc brought his horn and we started doing a mix of cover and original tunes.

Couldn't help myself - called Bob Fass (Radio Un-Name-able WBAI in NY) he had us play live for a USO show.

We were spreading out the guys were really stoked.

I guess me and Munc were a bit jaded - Munc had come to USA playing w/ Van Morrison - we had played a lot of places - beside the Fillmore East as far as I know we were at that time the only group or performers to play at the Apollo Theatre as a Marquee act that did not have a record out.

Sometimes I wonder where it would've gone if we'd kept that format but changes were coming.

One thing I thought was really wonderful - One night Marc's Mom and Dad came up to one of our gigs. It's not just that they were really gracious and nice people - they were supportive of Marc playing music. There are not a lot of parents that support their children's call to play music.

Oh yeah Marc played w/ Stevie Wonder for awhile and then w/ the guy w/ the Zoot Suit and feather then I lost track of him - have been trying to find him.


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