Andy Votel - Songs In The Key Of Death (2005)

Andy Votel to w wąskich kręgach człowiek-legenda. angielski producent muzyczny, grafik, dj, kolekcjoner płyt, autor serii rewelacyjnych mixów, muzyczna encyklopedia, a przede wszystkim właściciel szalonej wytwórni finders keepers, specjalizującej się w wydawaniu nieznanej nikomu muzyki z lat 60 i 70tych. (źródło)

Andy Votel's Music to Watch Girls Cry was an explosion of over 70 cuts ranging in scope from fuzzed-out psychedelia to the fringes of obscure funk and pop and back again. This mix received so many accolades that it just made sense to continue pushing things forward with a sequel. Thus was born Songs in the Key of Death, another 78-track excursion in the vein of early b-boy edit cassettes covering all territories of the music map. A free-form excursion into the worlds of funk, psychedelia, soul, prog rock, breaks and beats, soundtracks, lounge music, and soundbytes, with just about everything else thrown in for good measure. As a mix, the tracks seem glued together with outstanding cohesiveness, but stripped away from one another, the individual songs really don't stand well on their own. Fans of Steinski's and Coldcut's classic mixes will no doubt flock to this --- Rob Theakston

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