Ohkami No Jikan - Mort Nuit (2002)

Kolejna supergrupa założona przez legendę japońskiego undergroundu - Asahito Nanjo. Ten wszechstronny muzyk (gitarzysta, basista, wokalista) ma za sobą udział w wielu ważnych na tamtejszej scenie formacjach, m. in. High Rise, Mainliner, Musica Transonic czy Seventh Seal. Do współpracy w Ohkami No Jikan zaproszeni zostali weterani japońskiej psychodelii grający w zespołach Les Rallizes Denudes, Fushitsusha czy Toho Sara. W składzie takim nagrali w 2002 roku świetny album "Mort Nuit" zawierający głownie ciężki ,gitarowy rock psychodeliczny wzbogacony rzecz jasna nieodzownymi dla takiej ekipy elementami improwizacji i noise rocka.

Asahito Nanjo is best-known as the leader of High Rise, Mainliner, and Musica Transonic, and all of these groups offer varying degrees of high energy, noisy, psychedelic music. Ohkami No Tikan is another of Nanjo's projects, and on this release he's replaced the hyperactive elements of his better-known combos with a heavier sound that is no less intense with psychedelic overdose. The lengthy first track opens quite unsubtly with a sledgehammer of free form noise before settling down to slow, thunderous rhythms with scorching guitar textures that erupt endlessly to create a dark, noisy din in similar territory as the legendary and mysterious Les Rallizes Denudes. The long instrumental passages of blistering guitar freak-outs are interspersed with sections of deadpan gloomy vocals. The second track slows things down even more with bursts of noise and silence, while Nanjo spouts off monosyllables. The final piece cuts loose with a dense cloud of droning, thundering free-for-all, at a couple points it suddenly stops and then explodes again with a slightly different tone. Like the better stuff from Acid Mothers Temple and Fushitsusha, Tikan's Mort Nuit is another brain-shredding foray into the darker side of heavy Japanese psychedelia. (AMG)

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