Sros Lords - Slimernetik Punk from Detroit

Savage Saints,

Sros Lords has been a band 5 years. We are from Detroit.

The original lineup was 4 members . 
jamie Drums
morgan  guitar/vox
al synth 
phil bass

But now it`s 3 members 
jamie drums 
morgan guitar /vox
cait synth 

Now we have a synth with bass low-end. We are signed to Earyummy records from Chicago. We are a Slimernetik punk band. Were into many things...................................................................... We love eating pasta and pizza. Also we don`t use bandcamp or soundcloud. We have our own site...     .............   That has a song on it from our album ...Rule......... called Slow Death

"It's hard to write objectively about our songs or our sound, but I do think that I can say what our intentions are from the start. Generally that tone is pretty vicious, which is how youhave to play when you're playing weird gigs. you never have too much time to setup and breakdown, and that's a big part of a show. The brevity of the songs has to do with two things things I think. We don't want to bore the audience with repeating ourselves too often, and I just can't write good lyrics fast enough. This brevity is also reflective of our punk rock childhoods and the garage rock that's so deeply rooted in detroit."

Jamie on how SROS Lords started:
"SROS Lords was started around 2010, and we got the name from the building I lived at for 10 years in downtown detroit. its the legendary bagley optical, at one point named Site Rite Optical. We added Studios for our friends' place where we did the first single for Urinal Cake. I've been playing guitar for a long time, probably since I was 16. For the last decade I've been playing the same guitar, although I don't know if I'm allowed to mention the band or anything like that. Jamie is a really adventurous player, who frequently breaks his drums and even severs electrical cords sometimes. Cait has played bass and guitar in several bands too, and does sound engineering. Her sound reflects her taste in both older and newer technologies."

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