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Godz - The Third Testament (1969)

The Godz można zaliczyć do kolejnych protoplastów punka, muzycznej awangardy i psychodelii. Grupa działała w Nowym Jorku i nagrywała dla słynnej i legendarnej wytwórni ESP-Disk poszukującej nowych brzmień w latach sześćdziesiątych. Nagrali cztery albumy: Contact High with The Godz, Godz 2, The Third Testament i Godzunheit. Stylistycznie muzyka The Godz była zbliżona do innej grupy - Holy Modal Rounders.

Jim McCarthy - vocals, guitar, flute, harmonica
Paul Thornton - vocals, guitar, drums, maracas
Jay Dillon - vocals, autoharp
Larry Kessler - vocals, violin, bass guitar

The Godz were a New York City-based garage rock band that existed from 1966 to 1973. Their music varied from early noise rock to avant-garde and psychedelic rock. According to John Dougan of All Music Guide, they “coughed up some of the strangest, most dissonant, purposely incompetent rock noise ever produced.” Some postulate that their unique sound was a result of their lack of technical instrument talent. In early 2007 the surviving members of Godz, Jim McCarthy, Larry Kessler, and Paul Thornton, reunited to produce new recordings which will be made available later in the year.

The Godz started in 1966 on the ESP-Disk label. The first recording produced by ESP-Disk at the close of 1966 was an attempt to rise above the limitations and accepted norm for popular music at the time. 1967 produced the second recording, a bolder, more adventurous soundscape which is, in some people's opinion, the group's masterpiece. The third album, in 1968, saw the quartet become a trio. In 1973, a fourth and last group LP was recorded. The following years saw various solo and collaborative recordings branching off from The Godz. Unfortunately, in July 2005, a posting on the Hummingbird Mountain website, a message was posted from Jay Dillon's niece, that a showing of his art would take place and he passed on several years before. This is how the Godz heard about Jay. In 2007, the Godz re-united and are planning a new album.

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