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Crow Tongue - Ghost : Eye : Seeker (2008)

At the very least Crow Tongue’s debut album “Ghost Eye Seeker” is an eccentric listen. Hailing from Beating Heart, Pennsylvania this three piece drone/doom/experimental outfit has created a sound that I’ve never heard before. If you were to throw Neurosis, Earth, and Tabla Beat Science into a blender you would end up with Crow Tongue; As a result “Ghost Eye Seeker” is a homogenous mixture of genres that range from doom-metal, funk, electronica, psychedelic, and folk.

“Ghost Eye Seeker” is comprised of eight tracks, but is essentially broken down into two separate halves. The first five tracks on the album are all a part of the “ghost eye gaze” saga which is a constant build-up that lasts for twenty-five minutes. The album stars out Ghost Eye Gaze:Ghost Eye See which is five minutes of guitar buzzing backed by zany sitar sounds and a middle-eastern-esque beat. As the saga continues eerie keyboard landscapes are added as well as hypnotic sitar playing, glitchy electronics, and droning vocal chants. This piece is very repetitious yet it touches up on such a wide variety of genres because of all the odd instruments that it incorporates. By the end of this twenty-five piece epic Crow Tongue will have you in a trance; as a whole these five songs mesh together beautifully to create a truly spectral and bizarre atmosphere.

The second half of “Ghost Eye Seeker” continues the acid-folk/tribal-fusion madness that is present during the first five songs, and this could be seen as a flaw. Seeker: Seeker Chant contains the same deadbeat droning pace, only it incorporates a more minimal sound featuring dense drum beats and a slow, gluey synth progression. While this piece showcases a more dreary atmosphere and use of analog synthesizers the repetitive guitar reverb is still present.

While “Ghost Eye Seeker” isn’t something that I’ll put on to listen to very often it’s still an entertaining plunge into a diverse set of genres. The repetitious nature of the album may put a lot of people off at first, but after multiple listens the subtle changes that occur during each movement become more relevant and enhance the listening experience. It may not be very accessible, but it’s hard to deny the fact that “Ghost Eye Seeker” is a truly astounding and captivating listen. (Chris Jackson)

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