Rufus Zuphall - Avalon And On (1993)

Rufus Zuphall is important German progressive skirt volume out Aachen. It was created 1969 of Günter ruffle (guitar, singing), Helmut Lieblang (bass), Klaus gulden (transverse flute) and Udo Dahmen (Schlagzeug). In their pieces the musicians British merge Folk, Blues and Skirt with Jazz- and classical period elements to an own, often instrument valley coined/shaped style. A characteristic of this group, those usually as so-called “Herb skirt volume“, is the use that is designated Transverse flute, which often to comparisons with the English volume Jethro Tull leads. Beyond that their music from free song structures, psychedelischen elements and the slope to long persisting pieces lives. From the outset harmony ores the Songschreiber duo Helmut Lieblang (texts) and Günter ruffle (music), so that the predominant part of the repertoire these volume originates from their feather/spring.

By the close to the border one Rufus Zuphall played first more into that The Netherlands and in Belgium, where it 1970 before 30.000 spectators their break-through with the Jazzfestival in Bilzen to celebrate could. Beside musicians how Black Sabbath and Cat of Stevens inspired it as only amateur band on the main stage the public there. In December 1970 it took up white the devil “, soon whose piece of title of over 17 minutes of length (with inserted „buzzer time “) within three days their first LP „applied as a classical author of the category. Further pieces, how Splinter piglet or Knight OF third degree attained admittingness. Despite bad selling conditions the LP became a sales impact.

On the second album extend the equipment, and concomitantly the expression and the style width. Round beside the still prominent transverse flute Clavinet, Melotron and 12-saitige guitars the total sound, which developed on the one hand toward harder skirt, on the other hand in addition, the lyric moments particularly out-costs off. Altogether the second album works more extremely, the arrangements more strengthened than with the predecessor. Before their planned third LP, Avalon, decided the musicians were finished, out of musical as to be gone personal reasons in the future own ways. The LP finished to the half appeared then also only over 20 years later than Avalon and on, filled up with live-photographs from the years 1970 and 1971. After the separation tried Udo Dahmen and Manfred clip mountain with new seamists and guitarist the volume alive to hold, which failed in the long run, so that Rufus Zuphall dissolved 1973 finally.

1999 decided the former members to a reunification and played in original occupation, extended by that Hammondorgel- and E-Pianospieler Gero of grains a concert up Castle William stone in Würselen with Aachen. Udo Dahmen left it for time reasons with this concert, and to its place first refuge Schippers moved, before Roland Hegel took over the impact things part. In the year 2000 Rufus Zuphall published the CD as so far last album „Colder Than light live one 2000 “on the label forty-five. In this occupation played and/or. those plays volume until today in various clubs and on numerous festivals, about that Millennium open air Old person castle, on that Heart mountain festival or that Woodstöckchen open air Gressenich.

Günter Krause - guitar, keyboard, vocals
Thomas Krittel - guitar
Manfred Spangenberg - bass
Klaus Gülden - flute
Udo Dahmen - drums, percussion
Helmut Lieblang - bass on tracks 6 and 7

This box-set is one of my most valued prog artifact! It fitted to my RUFUS ZUPHALL collection perfectly, as I didn't have "Phallobst" or the new remaster of "Weiss Der Teufel", which both contain the live tracks of their Aachen concert as bonus tracks. "Avalon And On" LP has been released only recently, and that album containing great proggy psych folk material was an interesting find during late 90's as I bought this box. The single has Günter's version of JIMI HENDRIX's "1983" song, done with piano and singing, nad it's quite beautiful! There's also a neat and informative book about band's history included.

Only reasons giving this 4 stars instead of 5, are that most of the material are now avalable on cheaper and more easier to find releases, so the price of the box begins to be too big for the material it contains. (

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