Jacky Chalard - Superman Supercool (1978)

Translucent Yellow Vinyl Cache Cache resurrect three timeless essentials from the "uncrowned king of the No No generation", Jacky Chalard, on translucent yellow wax. It follows Miki's mindblowing 'Fantomas Break', with a quick but quality fix of Kosmische-Disco-Rock, featuring extended versions and original tracks from his 1977 LP, 'Avec Un Pied Dans Le Rock 'N Roll'. The "fusion" aspect is most apparent in the title track, driven by a muscular, motorik bassline and peppered with bubbling synthesizers and a brass section more usually heard on a disco track. Factor in Jacky's sultry vocals and a stomping glam rock breakdown and you've got a really unique vibe. However, disco fiends out there may be more drawn to the funky licks of 'Made In America' and the disco-rock drama of 'Coupe d'Europe á Geoffroy Guichard' to play it safe. Limited run of 500 copies only! (source)

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