VA - Harmony of the Spheres (1999)

Składanka przygotowana przez wydawnictwo Drunken Fish, na której znaleźli się: Bardo Pond, Flying Saucer Attack, Jessamine, Roy Montgomery, Loren Mazzacane Connors i Charalambides. Wyszedł z tego ciekawy zestaw będący wybiórczym przekrojem psychodelii lat 90-tych w różnych jej odcieniach, jako całość jednak doskonale komponujący się we wspólnej przestrzeni muzycznej.

Originally released as a lavish triple-vinyl box set, 1996's Harmony of the Spheres is the crowning achievement of the decade's revitalized neo-psychedelic spirit. Drunken Fish encouraged such definitive bands as Bardo Pond, Charalambides, Jessamine, and Flying Saucer Attack to bare their lifelong loves of English and German space rock and acid folk and embrace the excesses of inner-mind mapping across sprawling side-long tracks. Bardo Pond's "Sangh Seriatim" revisits the tantalizing, tantric splendor of the same year's Amanita in a whirlwind of deconstructed blues and hallucinatory instrumental entanglement. FSA offers a four-part suite of roadside mirages, dissipating heat-haze folk, and lonesome, lo-fi "rural psychedelia" in the visionary "Since When." Jessamine takes the slow road into analog oscillator heaven with the precarious sleepwalk of "22:30." Guitarist Roy Montgomery rhapsodizes for 20 mesmerizing, mind-expanding minutes on a theme by '60s cult hero Sandy Bull. Volatile peer Loren MazzaCane Connors immolates the agonized and ecstatic blues wraiths he wrenches from the dankest depths of the soul. Charalambides close the superlative, two-disc reissue with the utterly chilling badlands lamentation of "Naked in our Deathskins".

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  1. A killer compilation that brings me back to the hazy days of the '90s psych revival.

    Thanks for posting!