VA - Galactic Zoo Dossier No. 9 CD Sampler

The Galactic Zoo Dossier is a hand drawn psychedelic magazine occasional going since 1995, created by Plastic Crimewave, and has been published by the good folks at Drag City since 2001. The mags originally came with cassettes and posters, but current issues come with a CD compilation of rare sounds and trading card sets of damaged guitar gods and astral folk maidens.

Issues 1-4 were self-published but were collected into a now sold-out book collection by Drag City, the GZD Compendium.

Issues 5-8 were published by Drag city but are also sold-out, except for #8, available while supplies last. Extra trading card sets from GZD #6-8 have been unearthed, check the "merchandise" section of this site for details. (source)

Galactic Zoo Dossier No. 9

After three years the ‘hand-drawn psychedelic bible’ is back, leaving no stone unturned in the quest for mind-blowing illumination. ‘Galactic Zoo Dossier #9’ has over 100 pages on overlooked freak rock bands, heady comics and populist pop-psych. Contributors include creator Plastic Crimewave, Byron Coley (The Wire), Eric Colin (Ugly Things / Shindig), Avi Spivak (Human Being Lawnmower) and Scott Wilkinson (Ugly Things, Endless Trip). Interviews with Arthur Brown, Black Widow, Poppy Family, Rodriguez and Mark Fry. Features on Egg & East Of Eden, Collectors & Folklords, Curtis Knight, John Berberian, Psyched Archie & Mad, Kirby, Texas psych scene, Kak, Moody Blues, White Witch. Trading cards of damaged guitar gods and astral folk maidens, in full colour. CD compilation of unreleased and mind-frying sounds by Mainliner, Secter Syde, Ultima Thule, Mark Fry, Daze Of Night and The Light Company, amongst others. ‘Galactic Zoo Dossier #9’ has been praised in Mojo, The Wire, Spin and Pitchfork, and the magazine has even branched out into the successful Galactic Zoo Disk LP reissue label.

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