Re: Masataka Hara - Hatsukuni Shirasumera Mikoto (1973)

A Japanese parody on singer/songwriter music? The instruments (especially the bassguitar) are not tuned properly, the singer is mostly out of key, the songs are monotonous, so we cannot do more than hope that the real interest lies in the lyrics. One can, of course, also wonder what people of different cultures than ours will make of early Bob Dylan... That latter gentleman at least didn't use this grating fender piano. B1 is a very long instrumental track quite close to some eastern-tinged tracks of US sixties bands, a welcome diversion. B2 makes use of highly distorted accompaniment, even though nothing in the atmosphere of the music seems to call for it. The rest is business as usual and we cannot refrain from thinking that this is how the Bonzo Dog Band would impersonate a Japanese folksinger. For initiates only, we guess.

And indeed, the singer poses quite spiritually inclined on the cover. On the back he is on horseback, striding among the lyrics. This is again a single cover. The lettering is very beautiful again, but this is not a big surprise from albums from the land of the rising sun.

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