Slavek Kwi, Katerina Nejepsova, Vlastislav Matousek - On The Way To The 2nd Sun (1985)

Muzyczne spotkanie i eksperymentalne granie przyjaciół a zarazem znakomitych czeskich artystów z 1985 roku: Slavka Kwi, Kateriny Najepsovej i Vlatislava Matouska.

This was simply one-off collaboration between friends. Vlastislav - amazing multi-instrumentalist and composer - was always encouraging me with my sound experiments with great enthusiasm since the first moment of our encounter, becoming my first mentor-like figure. And I loved the way Katerina was playing flute and saxophone. I invited them to contribute and help me with this project and it was also last project I recorded before my self-inflicted exile from former Czechoslovakia. 

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