Piotr Bussold & Bogdan Mizerski - Po/Między (2020)


An experimental project by two gentlemens: the poet - Piotr Bussold and Bogdan Mizerski - a double bass player, associated with the improvised and free jazz music scene. The self-released album contains one composition. Limited Art Edition of 10 copies (5 on black and 5 on clear vinyl). Each copy has a different graphic on the front cover made by Beata Żaczek - graphic designer and illustrator. It is a musical collage of sounds by Bogdan Mizerski to poems by Piotr Bussold - an extraordinary journey into the world of improvised music and experiments. This LP is not available for sale. Only for connoisseurs. From the information we have obtained, it is supposed to be soon available in a digital version, but we cannot promise it.


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