Betha Sarasin & Bruno Spoerri - AX+BY+CZ+D=0 [Kunst Am Computer] (1983)

Second release from Finders Keepers' and Pre-Cert Home Entertainment's bespoke Dead-Cert imprint, a new pressing of a super-rare 1982 sound sculpture from revered electronic pioneer Bruno Spoerri. Edition limited to 700 copies cut at Berlin's D&M** Pre-Cert Home Entertainment and Finders Keepers' Dead-Cert venture follow up that amazing Suzanne Ciani record with this pressing of an obscure sound sculpture souvenir side by maverick Swiss electronic musician Bruno Spoerri and theoretical material mechanic, Miss Betha Sarasin. Their previously un-traveled and un-promoted aural thesis documents a one-off 1982 collaboration employing nascent computer technology and electromagnetically oscillated stainless steel "instrument sculptures" to map morphing, melodic and non-melodic tones, textures and polyrhythms in a detached and esoteric manner. For those familiar with Spoerri's work - best heard on FK's 'Glückskugel' compilation and 'Extrakugel' addendum - this LP will reveal a largely unexplored, uninhibited side of his oeuvre, expanding on his brilliant experimental recordings while sharply contrasting with his much loved library productions, re-contextualising his work in the lineage of European contemporaries such as Gruppo d'Improvvisazione, Nuova Consonanza, Giuliano Sorgini or Egisto Macchi (from Italy), and Igor Wakewich and Richard Pinhas (from France). Using new developments in Arp technology and Bill Bernardi's Lyricon 1 windsynth, 'AX+BY+CZ+D=0 (Kunst Am Computer)' plays through from twinkling micro-tonal timbres to isolated underwater drones, cacophonous percussion and noirish jazz minimalism on the A-side, and from echo chamber jazz notes to stranded space station noise and industrialized tribal drum cadence on the B-side. (bookmat)

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  1. Huge thanks for this one, I am a big fan of the music of Bruno Spoerri and unfortunately I do not have a record player any more, so buying the reissue on Dead-Cert Home Entertainment was pretty pointless.

    The recent Finders Keepers releases have been amazing, this guy was so far ahead of his time.

    I highly recommend the Voice Of Taurus LP from 1978 and Toy Planet from 1981. If anyone has a rip of his 1978 album he did with Reto Weber called "The Sound Of UFOs", it would be amazing if they could share a link.

    Love your blog, one of the best around, especially now Mutant Sounds is stopping and Holy Warbles is dead. Along with Box of Toys and Growing Bin, this is one of the most creative sources around.