Gutura - Des êtres au cerveau apparent (1980)

Francuska grupa założona w 1972 roku, ale pod nazwą Gutura znana dopiero od 1976. Wydali tylko jeden album "Des êtres au cerveau apparent" w 1980 roku, będący oryginalną kombinacją rocka eksperymentalnego, krautrocka, zeuhl i odrobiny post-punka.

Gutura is a French avant-rock sextet that reached its peak (musically speaking, of course) in the early eighties, to split merely a few years later without having issued more than one album, sadly. Even if said first and only album, Des êtres au cerveau apparent, was recorded and released in 1980, Gutura was founded as soon as in 1972, though the name Gutura only appeared in 1976. Since their formation, they performed in many places in Paris. It is between their creation and the recording of their album (or perhaps the search of a record company) that their unique sound arose.

Influenced by many different styles and genres of music, notably American psychedelic music, krautrock, British progressive music and zeuhl, Gutura managed to create a sound of its own; an eclectic, well-balanced blend of inspirations. According to Gutura, music has to reflect what life is. It should not be easily accessible but rather rewarding instead. And when you become capable of fully appreciating their music, a certain pride should come out of it.

Gutura started as an instrumental quintet featuring Jean-Philippe Strinati and Alain Barrandon on guitars, Didier Geoffroy on drums, Michel Geoffroy (Didier's brother) on bass and Alain Wallet on keyboards. It is only in 1979 that Sylvie Strinati (Jean-Philippe's sister) joined the band as a vocalist. A year later, Gutura was recording its sole album with the help of Alain Français who collaborated with Magma on the album Üdü Wüdü. Gutura, at this time, was at its height. Sadly, it is soon after the release of Des êtres au cerveau apparent that distensions began. The band split, and its separation resulted in two bands. One band, with Jean-Philippe Strinati, Michel Geoffroy and Alain Wallet kept the name Gutura. The othe band, with Sylvie Strinati, Didier Geoffroy and other musicians was named Providence and released one album. (progarchives)

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